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Thrive Life Coaching

Thrive Life Coaching

My commitment is to help you discover a new perspective on your circumstances, and yourself in the midst of them. This is your opportunity to ignite confidence in yourself and learn how to alleviate your fears through intentional living, even in the dark. This process will allow you to move past your pain, grief, fears and doubts to thrive, in all circumstances.

My Commitment as Your Coach is to Show You How to Move Toward:

*Living out the Passion in your Heart!            *Finding the Fun in Life!                                        *Thriving Through Grief & Loss!                          *Finding & Claiming Your Voice!       *Eliminating the Need for Perfection *Embracing your Fabulous!                                   *Making Changes/Moves in order to Thrive!  *Enjoying the Journey!    


Service Packages

Life Skills Workshop

    Life Skills Workshops


    (For businesses, educational institutions and special groups)   

  • Personal Development

  • Professional Development

  • Interpersonal Social Development

90 Minutes | $200

2 Hours | $300

3 Hours | $450

Life Coaching

            Package 1:     

     Your Mental Health  Matters!

  • One Month of 1 on 1 Coaching:

  • Includes four 60 minute sessions

  • Focused directly on achieving that goal you have had for far too long!

  • Focused directly on self-care, work-life balance, and mindset!


Thrive Life Coaching

    Package 2:

    A Thriving Life is Yours!

  • Three Months of 1 on 1 Coaching:

  • Includes twelve 60 minute sessions

  • Focused on overcoming obstacles, self-care, healthy relationship building, conflict resolution,

    overall mental health, balance in

    all areas of life, and a life of thriving!

  • Includes accountability check-ins and 10-minute crisis coaching.

  • $1500

  Save 25%


Interact e-transfer, PayPal or cash. 


I require 48-hours notice for cancelations,

in order to receive a full-refund.

Cancelations made 24 hours in advance will

receive a 50% refund.

Cancelations made less than 24 hours in 

advance will not be refunded.

"I was approached with deep empathy which made me feel supported towards finding solutions. Our sessions were filled with both venting and laughter, and I didn't feel judged for either. Whatever you bring to the table, you can put confidence and trust in Coach Veronica to help you learn to thrive."

– Navid Fallah

"Veronica is a deeply compassionate and caring person, with a strong drive to help. She provides guidance with both insight and intelligence. Working with her was pleasant and inviting. I felt immediately at ease and welcomed into this process. Veronica can help anyone create a life they want!"

– Franco Cado

"Initially, I was skeptical of this process, but shortly after working with Veronica I began to see change in my life. I started to rethink the way I handle situations and began making adjustments to how I approach problems. Veronica didn't wave a magic wand to fix me, she gave me the tools to fix myself."

– T'awnya Croft Walters

"Veronica is a community builder. She really helps open you up to find the light inside. A truly helping soul, Veronica really allows the person she's coaching to move forward. 11/10, I would absolutely recommend her coaching to anyone looking to thrive."

– Lenny Knight

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(250) 946-6047

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