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Thrive Life Coaching

Hello, my name is Veronica Shier

I'm a certified

Thrive Mindset Coach!

I have dedicated over 10 years of my life to empowering and equipping individuals with the mindset and skills that allow them to overcome the circumstances that life throws at them so that they can live the thriving life they desire and deserve. Through my own lived experience and the journey I took to transform my own life from depression to passion, fear to faith, and surviving and striving to a life of abundant thriving, my mission is to use my training, ability, experience and passion to help those who have experienced grief and loss to turn their pain into their purpose so that they can live an intentional life of thriving joy! I hope that you will give me the chance to chat with you about how we can work together to start your journey towards your thriving life!


My approach to life coaching is to create an environment where you are able to express yourself genuinely and vulnerably in a way that you can take an honest look at your situation and we can get to the root of your struggle in order to discover tools that will create success for you in your journey towards the life you want! Exploring trauma is very complex and requires a space of compassion and non-judgement. I create an environment where my clients feel safe to look at those emotionally difficult areas of life that have you stuck in survival mode and in working together, you are able to release those emotions and develop a toolbox of skills that will allow you to become resilient so that you are able to be intentional about living an abundant and thriving life! My passion is to see individuals' perceptions of their lives transform and for their mindset to shift from a life of reacting to their circumstances to creating an intentional life that they love! Everyday has beauty and it is our mindset that will determine whether we see it or not. The power is in your hands!

Why I Became A

Thrive Mindset Coach

Trauma, loss and grief have the ability to steal our joy and cripple us in a way so severely that we feel we have lost all control of our future. It is very complex and it requires intentional action to overcome. We do not wake up one day and just get over it. I have had numerous traumas and losses that I had to endure at a very young age, and for over a decade, those traumas dictated how I saw my purpose, my power, and my value in the world. At the age of 26 years old, I came to the realization that I couldn't go on living this way. I believed that God had created me for more than a life of just getting through the day, but my experiences had shifted my mindset away from that truth. Through a series of events that I can only describe as God-driven, I ended up finding out about life coaching, hired a coach, and in 3 months, I completely changed my life! I am the proof that life coaching can change a person's life. I did the work and now I live a life of passion, purpose, joy, fun, and faith!

Life coaching empowered me with just what I needed to climb out of the valley I had been in for over a decade. It equipped me with the tools I needed to reclaim the light and power within. I've been empowered to live with intentionality, passion and purpose that leads to an abundant life! This is your time to do the same! I would be honoured to support you on your journey to thriving and can't wait to connect with you.


I highly recommend Veronica. Veronica's empathy, compassion and dedication to help people in life goes beyond measure. Veronica has helped me with navigating life and the power of your thoughts and how you can best use them. Everything Veronica does is simple but she gave me life saving techniques when stuck in a rut and feeling there's no way out. The ah! ha! moments in the time spent with my sessions were never ending and enlightening!

- Deanna Baker

Thrive Life Coaching

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