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Thrive Life Coaching

Loss and grief can leave you feeling like you're treading water,

instead of swimming towards the future that you envision for yourself.

That aimless feeling of going through the motions without a plan or purpose

or being stuck in your circumstances can leave you feeling weary and disheartened.

Life can feel like it is so often happening to you and not for you.

You no longer need to feel this way. Life has so much more to offer you.

This is your time to thrive in all aspects of life, regardless of your circumstances!

You have to decide that you are ready to make the changes necessary

to achieve the thriving life you want though!

Welcome to Thrive Life Coaching!

Here, I empower and equip people to go from a life of striving to an abundant life of THRIVING! 

I'm Veronica Shier, your Thrive Mindset Coach and I am extremely glad you are here! 

I am so excited that you are no longer willing to settle for a life of striving

& are taking the first steps towards making a change in your life that will lead to lasting fulfillment.

I'm here to help you on your journey toward achieving the life you desire.

Together, we will work 1 on 1 to develop a roadmap for you to create your abundant life

and will challenge the limiting beliefs you have held that have been holding you back

and will confront your underlying fears and past experiences

in order to finally thrive despite the challenges in your life that are not in your control.

  If you have any questions along the way or you are ready to start your journey together,

don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone. I am here for you!

It's your time to THRIVE! Enjoy the Journey!


What to Expect When You Hire Thrive Life Coaching

With the empowerment of Thrive Life Coaching, you can rediscover the

passions, purpose, joy, and drive that grief robbed you of. Together, we

will confront the underlying fears and challenge the limiting beliefs that

have been holding you back from thriving in all circumstance.


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(250) 946-6047

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